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Helpful Hints for Your Wine BottleWicks when using your wine bottle oil lamp 

1. Safety First

Always follow safety procedures for using any candle or oil lamp.  Never use gasoline or any fuel that will readily volatize. As with any open flame, you should burn them within sight.  Keep out of reach of children & pets.  Never burn on or near anything that can catch fire.  Burn in a ventilated area and keep away from drafts.  Use BottleWicks on a heat resistant and stable surface.  Do not move while lit or use water to extinguish.  Use with caution at your own risk.  And Please, never leave BottleWicks or candles unattended.

2. Clean Bottles Thoroughly

After enjoying your favorite wine, clean the bottles out as thoroughly as possible. Sometimes cork or sediment can stick to the bottom.

3. Use Ultra Pure Paraffin Liquid Lamp Oil

This is what we use in our Wine BottleWicks and I can assure it truly is the best oil. You can purchase this at the major discount stores like W Mart, Michaels along with many of the hardware and home stores. Ultra pure burns very clean, sootless - smokeless - odorless. Our favorite brand is Lamplight® at their website at .

4. Fill Your Bottles To The Top But Below the Ceramic Wick Holder (2 inches or so)

Keep your wine bottles full of ultra pure lamp oil. The lamp oil works it way up the wick thru capillary action so the wick needs oil for the Wine BottleWick to work. Some folks ever put marbles or pebbles in their wine bottles before filling them with ultra pure lamp oil so that they don't need as much oil in each bottles.

5. Pull The Wick Out of the Holder About the Thickness of a Quarter

When first using Wine BottleWicks, pull the fiberglass wick above the ceramic top about the thickness of a quarter. Then place the wick in the bottle after filling it with ultra pure lamp oil. You'll need to wait a few minutes if this is the first time using your Wine BottleWick. It takes a few minutes for the capillary action to work. Light your beautiful Wine BottleWick and you'll have years or romantic light. If the flame is large, you might want to blow it out and pull your wick back down a little. It can smoke more if the wick is pulled out to much.

6. Smoky - Smelly Flame

Check your lamp oil first. If you've used the wrong lamp oil, (like those used with outside oil lamps) they can truly stink. Ultra Pure Paraffin Lamp Oil is the one to use. Also, if you let your oil get so low, that the wick has no oil, it can smoke.

7. Replacement Wicks

We use only fiberglass wicks which last forever. For the many years we have used our Wine BottleWicks, we've never had to replace the wicks. Some cotton wicks tend to burn down, but we've never had to replace our fiberglass wicks. If you need a new wick for your Wine BottleWick that your purchased from us, we will send it FREE. That's how confident we are that you'll never have to replace it.

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